Oct 20

Side Gusset Bags

Side Gusset Bags - Up to 25% off all 1 kg orders for a limited time! For a stylish packaging solution that form fits your product, you cannot go past a Side Gusset Bag from The Packaging People! With ample room for filling packaging with product, fill your side gusset... read more →
Oct 19

Cylinders (now in stock)

Want to have an edge over the competition? Wow with your packaging and leave a memorable impression. Our quality cylinders in small, medium and large sizes are a great choice to package your goods. They are also available in White Kraft and Black Kraft options. The 3 piece cylinder is... read more →
Oct 18

Food grade drums

Got plenty of goods to store? Introducing the Food Grade Drum! Available in either a 5 or 9 kg size, The Packaging People have found a way to seal in freshness and scoop out contents with ease, instead of wasting money on unnecessary packaging costs. With a reusable drum, you... read more →
Oct 17
Sep 24
Sep 20

Food Grade Drums

Got plenty of dry blends to package? Seal in the freshness and scoop out the contents with ease, instead of wasting money on unnecessary packaging costs. Fill 5kg or 9kg kilograms of goods and transport it from A to B with ease. The Packaging People’s durable Food Grade Drums make... read more →
Sep 17

All your packaging needs in one place

At The Packaging People, we’re always on the lookout for better ways to package. With packaging comes big responsibility, from the wow-factor of eye-catching designs, to the durability of our products in an ever-environmentally conscious world. We’ve been doing our best to pull our packaging weight, so let’s get you... read more →
Sep 15
Sep 05

Bio Cups

The Packaging People have been at the forefront of delivering sustainable packaging to consumers and their suppliers for nearly a decade. We have been conscious of the foot print ‘packaging’ in general leaves on the Environment. Developing products like the Bio Degradable Bag that composts over 90% and the Earth... read more →
Aug 28

Why is packaging so important?

Your packaging is just as important as the product you’re marketing itself. It communicates what your business stands for and gives a snapshot opportunity for potential customers to form an impression of you - and your products. Packaging communicates emotions and sets the mood. Having a design that clearly tells... read more →