About Us

Coffee Bags was founded by Peter and Carolyn Bowie in 2007. Peter and Carolyn were Coffee Roasters in New Zealand. For over seven and a half years their company, Gourmet Coffee Works, won numerous roasting awards including gold, silver, and bronze medals in the New Zealand Coffee Festival Awards.
It was through Peter’s own experience as an award-winning Coffee Roaster that he realised first-hand the need for a high-quality Coffee Bag.

Peter travelled extensively throughout Asia, USA and Europe in his search for not only uniqueness but quality: innovation and most importantly a consistency of bag manufacture that customers could rely on to ensure freshness of their products – not only Coffee.

Peter & Carolyn moved to Australia and founded Coffee Bags Pty Ltd in 2007. Peter’s development of high quality packaging enabled Coffee Bags Pty Ltd to quickly established itself as a market leader in the small packaging industry.

The secret to the Business success was Peter & Carolyn’s development of their ‘bag recipe’; from the coolest to hottest Australian climates Coffee Bags bag manufacturing properties have stood the test of time over the past 8 years warehousing and distributing a very large number of stock keeping units (SKU’s) from 28g to 10kg. Coffee Bags Pty Ltd developed a very consistent supply line to their customers around Australia; the consistency of the supply chain was built however on the consistency of the bag production.

With personalised customer service and high quality products. Peter & Carolyn’s vision as Coffee Roasters in New Zealand not only materalised but enabled Coffee Bags to gain a strong market presence; recognized commonly as the Company at the forefront of innovation and bag manufacturing knowledge. The ‘go to’ Company in the small packaging industry.

Coffee Bags Pty Ltd has worked with many of Australia’s most trusted brand names and created some of the most advanced and creative Custom and Digital bags seen on Australian and overseas shelves.

In late 2015 Peter and Carolyn sold the business to Scott and Kelly Robinson. Scott and Kelly share Peter and Carolyn’s passion for quality products and outstanding customer service.

Over the past 10 years the Business had evolved to be so much more than being known as a supplier of Coffee Bags as our name suggested ; infact we proudly supply to over 30 different industry’s – like the evolution of our Business , Coffee Bags was, and remains a significant part of who we are it didn’t truly reflect our growth or our vision for the Business.

With this in mind Scott and Kelly are excited to launch The Packaging People ; this new and exciting change recreates our Brand ; but nothing has changed . The same dedication to quality and service remain.
The Packaging People will have a greater range of products, a newly developed and more integrated on-line shopping experience, including a real time ‘chat box’ for our customers so we can ensure immediate responses about our products.

Our Team at the Packaging People are just as passionate as Peter and Carolyn were back in 2007– and are excited about the new era for the Company.

This new era will see even more innovation and development. The Packaging People will continue working with suppliers around the World to make sure we are at the cutting edge of what’s new in our Industry; constantly searching for better ways and newer insights to improve the customer experience in packaging and service.

The Packaging People will build on its rich history and continue to service the increasing needs of our existing customers and look forward to growing further with our new customers.