Ripple Wall Coffee Cups             

The Packaging People Ripple Wall Cups provide an exceptional insulative quality, the cup takes advantage of the vacuum between the layers and keeps drinks at temperature for longer. On top of the insulation, the cups provide a comfortable, cool touch surface for your customers. Ripple Wall Cups are available in matte black or gloss white and can also be Custom Printed with your company’s branding.

The Cups are 100% Compostable, Bio-Degradable and Recycleable. They are lined with high quality Ingeo Resin. This lining is a high performance material made from plants, not oil, that are derived from 100% renewable plant resources.  The advantage of this is a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions. For a complete environmentally friendly option we recommend you match these with our Bio-Lids.

The Packaging People offer free freight on our Coffee Cups . However, The Packaging People reserve the right to charge freight to remote areas within Australia. If you believe that this charge could apply to you we strongly advise that you contact us prior to submitting your order to obtain a quote for freight and to avoid any delays in you receiving your order. 

The Packaging People will notify you after receipt of your order immediately if we believe the order will be subject to remote freight charges.


Minimum Qty: 1000
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Ripple Wall Coffee Cups

Ingeo Bio Plastic Lining
100% Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable
Ripple Textured Surface
Custom Printing – Minimum order quantities apply
8oz, 12oz, 16oz


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